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Welcome to Phelan Fit

  • Lets cut straight through the noise, the confusion and the social media ‘fitness experts’. As a Physical Education Teacher and an S&C coach with over 20 years experience, let me teach you about fitness and training, so you know exactly how to train for whatever your fitness or sporting goals are.┬áMy website is still in its infancy but feel free to click around and explore.
  • I will be available for remote coaching from June. Phelan Fit educational courses are coming in the Autumn of 2022. The blog will continue to grow, offering evidence based advice on a variety of fitness and training related topics. Phelan Fit TV and Podcast will also be launched in summer of 2022, with advice, interviews, reviews and plenty more, so stay tuned..

Remote Coaching Coming in June

Full access to me as your coach through a state of the art smartphone app.