PE Teacher and S&C Coach

Andrew Phelan MSc

2011-12-05 01.05.53I started Phelan Fit because I saw a need to get quality information out there for the vast amount of people who really want to improve various aspects of their fitness but don’t know where to start or how to advance their current training, and for the many athletes that are playing sport week in week out and are trying constantly to improve without the luxury of playing for a professional team.

With the huge amount of information out there on the internet, social media and other sources it can be very confusing and often overwhelming to process everything and try to apply it to a yourself or a team.

Throughout my 21 years experience in the fitness and education field, I’ve worked with juveniles (through my role as a PE teacher) and adults, across all abilities from beginners to athletes and from individuals’ right up to full teams / clubs. I hold an honours degree in Physical Education and a masters degree (MSc) in Strength and Conditioning, in which I attained a 1st Class Honours.

With MSc class mates

With MSc class mates

Besides my professional experience and qualifications I have a wealth of personal experience to pass on, I’ve played rugby my entire life so I am well aware of the demands that it and similar team games make on the body. I’ve swam and cycled competitively so I have also experienced the needs of endurance sports and believe me going from training my body for rugby to dragging that heavy body up a hill trying to hang on to the back of a bunch in a cycling race is an experience. It is from my boxing days that I really grew to love training and gained invaluable experience of the demands combat sports and the minefield of making fight weight. I’m currently retired from competitive sport but that spirit never dies and and I now focus all my energy into becoming a better coach to help others achieve their goals and aspirations.

So let me pass on my knowledge and experience of fitness and training to you through my carefully designed Phelan Fit courses. These courses are designed to empower you to drive your own fitness journey by giving you the knowledge and the skills you need to program and carry out your own training to smash your goals.