Conditioning Circuits


Blast body fat Tone up Increase all round fitness Increase energy levels Small groups Caters for all. Beginers - Athletes


Blast body fat
Tone up
Increase all round fitness
Increase energy levels
Small groups
Caters for all:
Beginners – Athletes/Male – Female

These sessions are aimed at body conditioning for those who need to trim down and torch body fat while maintaining muscle. Sessions consist of a big mix of Kettlebells, Boxing, TRX, Spinning, various Weightlifting and Punch Bag exercises.

The focus of these training sessions is improving fitness, shedding body fat, toning up and increasing energy. Exercises are of a metabolic nature meaning they are high tempo, and high intensity with short rest periods.

Groups are kept small so maximum attention can be given to each individual. Due to the adaptable nature of exercises, all levels can be catered for from beginner to full time athlete. These sessions are not for the faint-hearted and are designed to be tough, having said that you won’t have me acting like a drill sergeant and breathing down your neck. I would encourage all participants to take training at their own pace and work up to going full belt. For this reason everybody can get the maximum from this and everybody can go at their own individual pace. I don’t believe in segregation at ‘Phelan fit’ which is why all our groups are open to men and women, once you are over 16. Our ethos is hard work and encouragement no matter how unfit or fit a person is, we are all here to improve. Nobody leaves without a round of high fives

All participants will receive expert instruction on technique, pacing and I’ll throw advice on nutrition your way as well for good measure. The idea is that you will learn as well as train and hopefully this information will stay with you for life, I am a teacher after all. So weather you are a training virgin looking to put your foot on the ladder to improve your fitness levels or weather you are an elite sports person looking to shed that off-season body fat then these sessions are for you.

These training sessions are 1 hour in length. For €80 a month you get three excellent, high intensity, enjoyable sessions a week and all the nutritional guidelines and advice that you need to help achieve a new healthier fitter you.

Please note:  Conditioning training is not intended for those looking to pack on muscle or build serious power and strength. As with all resistance training, previously untrained participants will see an improvement in strength and bodyshape. However due to the high tempo of these classes gains in strength and muscle size will not be sufficient for those specifically looking for large improvements in this area. If this is your goal have a look at our Strength and Power for Performance sessions. These circuits would also be ideal for teams or individuals as a pre-season anatomical adaptation phase before embarking on a strength phase of training.

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