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Team Fitness Testing

Team Fitness Testing

Provision of all your teams testing needs in all aspects of fitness. Full team portfolio and analysis plus suggested methods for improvements.

Pre-Season Block

Make sure your team is ready for the season ahead with this 6 week expertly planned pre-season training block both in the gym and on the field. This block comes complete with nutritional advice for players and includes all testing at the beginning and the end.

Complete Season S&C

Phelan Fit will provide all the strength and condition needs for your team for the entire season in the gym and on the field. Correctly periodised training, complete with full player monitoring and support.

Nutritional & Training Workshops

Teacher and SP coach Andrew Phelan delivers a series of team talks and workshops on all aspects of performance including nutrition, strength, speed and aerobic/anaerobic development, training correctly for your sport, monitoring of loading and welfare and goal setting.

Speed & Agility

An area neglected by a lot of teams. These practical sessions look in depth at running and sprinting technique and how to programme speed and agility into your training sessions properly to get the maximum speed improvement out of players ensuring they get the better of the opposition.

Online Team Fitness

Pre-season or full season programmes delivered to you. Have the S&C element of your training sessions structured and delivered to you on a weekly basis. All you have to worry about is the sport specific technical and tactical aspects of your training sessions. This also includes ongoing support both online and over the phone.

Thinking of getting a gym in your club or home? Finding it hard to decide what equipment you need?  We can come and look at your available space and advise you on what to include in your gym to get the most out of your budget and space.

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